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MDL webinars, workshops and masterclasses show you everything you need to know to build audiences around screen media content. We offer in person workshops, live webinars and a complete DIY master class.


The MDL curriculum is rooted in our proven, proprietary system for developing actionable discoverability strategies that deliver measurable results. The five step process is called ALERT: Assess. Locate. Engage. Respond. Track.

  • Assess & Locate

    Assess whether your show - from title to tail credit - is positioned for success. Then find out where your target audience is gathering online, what they care about, how they search, and how best to reach them.

  • Engage

    Learn how to design audience development strategies that cause your content to stand out amidst the sea of competition.

  • Respond & Track

    Once audiences start talking, smart creators turn feedback into opportunities, using meaningful metrics to track results.

Used over the past decade to drive results for real world clients in our agency, this five-step process is our secret sauce. We share it with you in this online masterclass. Do-it-yourself or add on consulting time with a Magnify strategist to support your journey. The ALERT process works for all genre and formats. Ready to get started

Magnify What Matters

The Magnify Discovery Lab is the training arm of Magnify Digital Inc., a Vancouver based digital strategy agency focused on products and services that enable creators to build large and engaged audiences around their content. We work with talented creators who move heaven and earth to bring their projects to screens big and small. Our passion is to ensure that content is seen and shared by audiences.
Magnify What Matters
Peter Hamming

"Extremely valuable course"

Peter Hamming

I will approach each new project with a fresh perspective. [This course was] extremely valuable as a producer or a filmmaker.
Nancy Mott Basi - Vancouver Film and Media Centre

"Enable content creators to position for success"

Nancy Mott Basi - Vancouver Film and Media Centre

I have heard Magnify Digital present numerous times. They continue to provide thought leadership, products, and services that enable content creators to position for success in a content abundant world.
Laura Lightbown -  Terra Films (Romeo Section)

"Helped pinpoint where, on a tight budget and timeline, we should be focusing our efforts"

Laura Lightbown - Terra Films (Romeo Section)

This training helped pinpoint where, on a tight budget and timeline, we should be focussing our efforts. It was both educating and essential in developing an accurate and useful roadmap for the discoverability of our series.
  • Moyra Rodger

    Founder and CEO

    Moyra Rodger

    A thought leader in audience engagement strategy, metrics and convergent content, Moyra spent years producing award-winning prime time programming for every major Canadian network. Blazing the discoverability trail, Moyra developed ALERT – an innovative formula which arms content creators with the tools needed to attract and nurture audiences online. ALERT remains at the heart of MDL courses.
  • Andy Ritchie

    Digital Strategist

    Andy Ritchie

    Andy spent over a decade working in the UK music industry, after chasing his childhood dream of making it as a rock journalist. Following a lengthy stint as Digital Editor at his favourite magazine, he was snapped up to become the UK Social Media & Content Manager at Live Nation, the world’s biggest concert promoter. In recent years, Andy’s passion for storytelling has drawn him to work with brands across a range of industries, from hair and beauty, to extreme sports, to therapy and wellness. Andy arrived in Vancouver in early 2019, in search of new stories to be told. In his spare time, he enjoys skiing, hiking, running, and exploring the city he now calls home.

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